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29 Dec

Our educational program is getting attention!

Since 2010, due to violent political protests and pandemics, schools in Guinea have experienced not less than three months of closures every year. This year, for the same reasons, schools only opened their doors on December 01, 2020, two months later than usual.

Alpha and his classmates chose not to wait until December before starting studying their grade 13 program, given their strong desire to learn. They did an online search and came across Jeune Espoir’s online learning platform, a program that they’ve found meets their needs. 

Two weeks after they found our courses at, Alpha and his friends completed the first chapter we had posted on our physics course and asked us to add more chapters to it. As course developers, such a request made our day! Alpha told how he has been struggling in his studies and how our courses are useful to him and his friends in the next paragraph. 

“For lack of detailed explanations, my classmates and I could not understand our physics lessons in grades 11 and 12. Despite our complaints about changing our instructor or improving his teaching skills, nothing happened. It wasn't until I found Jeune Espoir’s Grade 13 classes that my classmates and I began to understand physics. Jeune Espoir’s courses provide context and detailed explanations to help students better understand.”

Like Alpha and his friends, many students are now asking for our programs. We would not have been able to make ourselves useful like this without the support of donors like you. 

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