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17 Jan

Jeune Espoir | 2019-20 Annual Report

This document reports on JE’s 2019-20 progress (Click here to download the full report). It starts with a background that includes an analysis of the organization’s targeted problem and short descriptions of its programs. This section is required as it lays a foundation for understanding the other areas of the document. 

The second section of the document reports the organization’s 2019-20 achievements at the strategic and program levels. In terms of strategic development, JE developed a staffing plan and a responsive website ( for effective communications. In terms of programming, the organization made substantial progress in its academic support program by launching an online learning platform in response to Covid-19 and completing several digital courses. If the reader already has a prior understanding of Jeune Espoir’s work, she or he could skip the first section and begin here. 

The third section of the document is a financial report. It indicates the new multiple sources of revenue of Jeune Espoir, highlights the improvement of its financial management and explains how the organization is sticking to its value of doing more with fewer resources.  


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