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10 Jun

Aissata Lamarana Bah - The Promise Of Digital Education

Aissata Lamarana Bah, one of Jeune Espoir’s co-founders, is completing an internship at Digital Promise under IREX’s Community Engagement Exchange program (CEE), a program funded by the US government and implemented by IREX (The International Research and Exchange Board)

The CEE received over 6k applicants, but only 139 were selected to participate in the program this year. The program pre-selection process includes filling out an application form with questions about what candidates do to serve their communities and how the CEE would help them improve their work. Once pre-selected, participants are asked to submit additional essays regarding their commitment to community engagement, a video answering an interview questions, and an official Duolingo test score for those whose first language is not English. 

Aissata became a CEE finalist for many reasons, including but not limited to her commitment to serving the youth of her community through Jeune Espoir. As part of her work for the organization, she develops digital learning content and teaches a popular conversational English course that simultaneously initiates Guinean youth to key American values such as equity, individual responsibility, democracy, entrepreneurship, etc. All the Jeune Espoir team perceive Aissata’s participation in the CEE  as an honor, a great indicator of the effectiveness and the importance of the organization's work. 

Additionally, Aissata’s participation in the CEE is going to change the course of our EduConform program, previously called Academic Support. Under this program, we’ve spent the last seven years developing digital formats of the Guinean high school key math and science courses and making them available to students. However, few you to date have benefited from our products as most Guinean teachers are not digitally literate. This is where Aissata’s CEE internship at Digital Promise, an international organization, comes into play. Her work at Digital Promise consists of developing a multiformat course to initiate teachers in a low-tech environment to blended learning. 

After her internship, we will begin initiating Guinean teachers who are interested in blended learning to use educational technologies in their classes despite the digital barrier in Guinea. With that, we encourage you to contribute to our project, which consist of carry out live Blended Learning Training OF Trainers throughout our 2023-24 Fiscal year in Guinea



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