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17 Nov

2018-19 Academic Support Impact

As in most Guinean cities, the success rate in Dalaba for passage of the Bac and Brevet exams is generally below 50%. This fact reflects the lack of mastery of the curriculum and the necessary support that the student must have to carry out these studies.

It is to surmount this lack that Jeune Espoir (JE) has set up an academic support program to raise the standard of the educational system and students’ academic performance. For more information on the activities of our organization, visit our website: Our three years of school support are very satisfying as indicated in the paragraphs below.  

In 2019, while there was only a 44.11% success rate in the Mamou region, 32 out of the 33 students who benefited from our school support program, or 97%, successfully completed the Brevet exam. In addition, the highest scorer of the region, Mademoiselle Bilguissa Diallo, was among these beneficiaries. Full of joy, she testifies about her academic career: “This (JE) program has helped me to take a step in my academic and social life; it allowed me to show what I was capable of.”  In summary, this testimony shows that the goal of Jeune Espoir’s program, which is to allow students to reach their highest possible potential, is being realized.  

Evidence points to the same conclusion for the BAC, an exam that determines whether or not a high school graduate is admitted to a university.  Although the rate of admission is generally less than 50%, most pupils benefiting from JE’s school support program passed the exam with remarks (honorable mention). In 2019, when more than 70% of the baccalaureate candidates failed, 29 of the 30 graduates who completed JE’s program were successful. One of the participants in the program, Ramatoulaye Diallo, is proof of this. She testifies: "I thank God and also my dear teachers who spared no effort to tutor me and thank you to all the members of the NGO Jeune Espoir, in particular, Mr. Boubacar Barry and Zotomy. The NGO supported me for two years morally and even financially. For their skills I do not even talk, go see to believe. They are the most competent and dynamic people I have ever met in my life.”

As you may have read from our mission statement, increasing admission rates are not the end goal of our programs. For this reason, we not only help students master their curriculum, but we also help them relate curriculum activities to everyday circumstances and provide them with extracurricular resources that will eventually allow them to prosper in place. Thus, the end goal of our Academic Support and Skills for Prospering in Place program is to improve the employability and servant leadership potential of our participants. Although we cannot claim to have improved the employability of our current participants, we have identified an increase in their perception of their ability to use what they learn to gain or create employment. 

It wouldn’t be possible to attain what we have done so far without the support of our staff, our board, individual donors, Resonate Global Mission, and the US Embassy in Guinea. Today, to provide better training and quality education for these students, Jeune Espoir seeks to complete the development of this program and extend its activities beyond Dalaba and possibly beyond Guinea’s borders. In other words, the organization will supplement schools and school support centers with its Learning Management System and digital format of the curriculum for students in additional cities and we will build relationships with other institutions to reach more people. If you are not one of Jeune Espoir’s supporters, please consider supporting our work. In advance, thank you for your support. To make a donation go to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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