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In order to raise the standard of education and academic performance, we support schools and educational centers with digital learning management and digital educational resources. Additionally, we support youth with the skills to prosper in place. 

Digital curriculum. We offer high school students a digital format of their curriculum. We follow the official school curriculum’s required textbooks to develop interactive lessons and quizzes for testing. Our courses include light videos and timed quizzes; students can easily download them from either our online or local Learning Management Installations to their phones, tablets, or computers in order to study at home. These courses have proven their ability to assure mastery by the fact that from 2015-19, over 95% of students who took them in Dalaba, Guinea passed the Bac and Brevet. If your school is not one of our partner educational centers, please reach out to us. We can set up an online account for you.

Office Pack. Word processing, basic data analysis, and presentations are necessary for both school and work. We offer you self-corrected Word, Excel, and PowerPoint e-learning courses. Our courses encompass simulations, interactions, videos, images, narrations, multiple testing methods, as well as project-based learning (PBL). They give tips and techniques that allow you to do well and quickly perform your daily office tasks. You can access our MS office courses either online preferably through a computer or from any of our partner educational centers’ computer rooms. 

English for Francophones. It is incontestable that English is a barrier to both education and work opportunities for students in Francophone Africa. To break this barrier, we teach live, hybrid, and e-learning English courses. We do not only teach grammar and vocabulary, but we also create an English environment that allows our trainees to learn English as if they had traveled in an English speaking zone. Our English courses have proven to be successful as many of our beneficiaries are currently using what they learn from our courses in their further education or careers. Most students who benefited from our program had higher scores in English on the Bac and were therefore sent to university English departments to complete their undergraduate degrees. Be confident that upon completing our program, you will be able to use English both in your studies and work. 

Entrepreneurship. Knowing how to use and develop our God-given resources sustainably is the foundation of good economics. Our first course teaches the principles of economic life, such as stewardship, service, multiplication/fruitfulness, environmental care, work ethic, productivity (doing the most with the least), honesty & truth, planning, and saving. Our second course teaches students to value evaluation techniques and guides them through making a business or life-prospering plan -- a project that will not only benefit themselves but also their community.  






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