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We use various digital Learning Management System (LMS) installations to provide instructors with effective learning management and students with various educational resources. Above all, we make your installation affordable by offering you the most reasonable service fee; you will be supporting our non-profit work for us to support you best. 

Online Learning Management System. We already have a hosting account that can host multiple LMSs cheaply. Unless you plan to operate as a web company, hosting your LMS with us will always be cheaper.  In addition to the hosting services, we offer your instructors and students a complete guide on best using your LMS. An online installation allows instructors and students to access and modify content spontaneously from anywhere as long as they have reliable internet access. Online LMS installations are recommended for educational centers that can provide internet connectivity to at least their instructors. 

Local Learning Management System. The main purpose of this installation is to counter the lack of internet access for schools and students. Although an offline installation, the local installation also provides instructors with effective learning management and students with myriad educational resources. When less than 100 meters away, the local LMS allows students without the internet to download resources on their devices for work and study at home offline, then sync their progress with it when they come near. This option does allow instructors and students to have permanent access to their resources but does not allow a spontaneous modification of content -- for that, synchronization with the server within 100 meters is necessary.  In addition to the local installation services, we offer your instructors and students a complete guide on best using your LMS.  The local LMS installation is recommended for educational centers that do not have a budget for reliable internet connectivity. 

Windows-Based Learning Management System. If you have multiple workstations running from a unique CPU, then we can turn your CPU into a local LMS. From your LMS, you will be able to track the progress of all the users. However, unlike the online and local LMS, this installation only allows a limited number of users to access their accounts at your center; they cannot use their devices to access their accounts. In other words, users from this installation cannot access or modify their accounts outside your center or school. This option is suggested for educational centers that neither have access to a reliable internet connection nor can afford a server computer. This option is recommended for schools and centers that do not want their users to access their resources outside their computer rooms. 





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