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Virtual Computer Room and Photovoltaic Energy System

Once one opts for using any of our Learning Management System installations and/or E-learning Courses, a virtual computer room might be a necessity. Depending on your needs and resources, we use either the NComputing or the Graphic Cards technologies to share one CPU into several workstations. We can assist you in several ways, including determining your need as well as installing your virtual computer room from start to finish.  Moreover, electricity is usually not stable in Guinea. Therefore relying on it for running your virtual computer room can be disappointing. To make sure you do not struggle while using our products, we support you in planning a photovoltaic installation as well as doing the actual installation. We make your installation affordable by offering you the most reasonable service fee you can have; you will actually be supporting our non-profit work for us to support you best. 

Sharing a computer without NComputing. Do you want to save on electricity, materials, space and still have the same resolution on all your workstations in your computer room? Reach out to us. Using the most updated computer virtualization program, we can share a single CPU into up to six workstations by preserving all the performance a standalone computer would have. 

Sharing a computer with NComputing. In some cases having a workstation with the same resolution on virtual computer installation is not a requirement.  In such cases, we install for you the Ncomputing virtualization program to share a single CPU in up to 20 workstations. 

Planning your photovoltaic installation. Finding the best position for your solar panels in order to have the maximum possible solar peak hours and defining the size of your battery bank, inverter, controller, and cables can be very challenging. However, getting any of these wrong could drastically lower the efficiency of your installation. We have a certified and experienced electrical engineer to guide you through finding the ideal position for your solar panels and defining the size of your battery bank, inverter, controller, and cables. Additionally, we can help you purchase your equipment if necessary. 

Installing your solar panels. In addition to supporting you in planning your solar installation, in less than a day, our team can set up your entire solar panel system for a reasonable fee. 






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