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We use two evidence-based solutions to offer youth the necessary English language skills for work and employment. 10k learners can simultaneously enroll in our digital initiation course to English from our app and 300 in conversational English program per year.

When our participants acquire enough working English skills, we initiate them to digital skills, such as digital content creation and coding, and put them on the path of self-learning.  

Jeune Espoir’s English programs

Digital English Course - Given the advantageous similarities between the two languages, this 65-lesson course uses French as a gateway to equip novice learners with a solid foundation in English. It is mainly taught in French and is divided into seven chapters, including the alphabet and basic pronunciation, numbers, time, most-used words and expressions, and fundamental grammar. Upon completing this course, most participants feel ready and motivated to start basic conversations in English. Please preview a lesson here:

Conversational English Program - People must practice English to master it. This program has four levels of eight sessions each. It brings 8 to 10 learners and one of our teachers (sometimes volunteers) into a 60-minute group discussion three times a week. Before joining a discussion session, participants must master a required vocabulary list from Jeune Espoir's App for their active participation. We discuss various topics, including introductions, family, being a father/mother/young person, environmental care, democracy, US/Guinea culture, etc. 

  • Young people who have working English skills could find digital gig skills to work online internationally while living locally and thus contribute to the development of their country. 
  • Young people who can use English in an academic context have access to various online content. They are more likely to gain a scholarship for studying outside of Guinea. 
  • Youth with working English skills are more likely to grow their businesses by connecting to new entrepreneurs.





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