Digital Literacy For Effective Learning In Guinea

Digital Courses & Local Learning Management System

Upon receiving a grant from the US Embassy in 2016, we developed a prototype of our first digital local Learning Management System (LMS) and a digital format of the Guinean high school curriculum. The LMS is a server that allows students without the internet to download resources on their devices for work and study at home offline, then sync their progress with it when they go come near. The LMS also enables instructors to track and measure student progress in corruption-proof ways. Our courses better prepare students for both national tests and future employability. They encompass simulations, interactions, multiple testing methods, videos, images, narrations, as well as Project-Based Learnings. These courses have proven their ability to assure mastery by the fact that students who take them pass the Bac at much higher rates than those who don’t. Already, 400+ students have completed at least one course from our LMS.





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